Piracy is a major problem in the movie industry- Tunde Kelani

Popularly known as TK, he is a veritable father figure for the serious minded in Nollywood and for those who continue to break the glass ceilings in the Nigerian filmmaking environ­ment. A cultural advocate, TK has treaded where most Nolly­wood filmmakers have feared to, with the production of classics like Saworoide, Magun (Thun­derbolt), Oleku, Ti Oluwa Nile, Agogo Eewo amongst others, all of who’s creative originality many years after their release have remained reference points in movie making. Cornered at the premiere of yet another flick Dazzling Mirage, Tunde Kelani spoke on his works and the cur­rent state of the Nigerian film in­dustry.

At 66, you are still very much active in the industry, what keeps you going?

First I would say God. I give all glory and adoration to him for hav­ing kept me thus far and to my fam­ily members for taking good care of me, most especially my wife. Also I eat good food and drink lots of water.

Most of your movies swing between the Yoruba speaking Nollywood and the English speaking Nollywood. Which are you most comfortable with?

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