2015 HISTORY TODAY: U.S. President Barack Obama vetoes the Keystone XL project, which would extend the existing Keystone pipeline and connect Canadian oil directly to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries; environmentalists claim the pipeline extension will add to climate change
2014 29-term U.S. Rep. John Dingell announces that he will retire at the end of his current term; the 87-year-old congressman says that his health is fine, but the hostile climate in Congress means that he can no longer do his job effectively
2014 Researchers report that taking acetaminophen during pregnancy can increase the risk of ADHD diagnoses as the babies mature; taking acetaminophen in the first trimester has the lowest risk at 9%, but there is a 63% likelihood of the condition in babies if the drug is taken in the last two trimesters
2013 In Los Angeles, California, the 85th Academy Awards is held; ‘Argo’ wins best picture, Ang Lee wins for best director, Daniel Day-Lewis wins for best actor, and Jennifer Lawrence wins for best actress
2013 In Greece, Nicos Anastasiades, leader of Cyprus’s main opposition Disy party, wins the Presidential race
2012 After a power struggle within his government, Haiti’s prime minister Garry Conille resigns
2012 The IAEA reports that Iran has been expanding its nuclear activities
2011 Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh orders the country’s security forces to protect protesters
2011 In Libya, Anti-Gaddafi forces claim to have gained control Zuara, a town located west of Tripoli
2010 Tengzhong’s bid to purchase Hummer from General Motors is rejected by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
2008 Fidel Castro resigns as President of Cuba, his brother Raul Castro is unanimously elected
2002 XIX Winter Olympics closes in Salt Lake City Utah/Quebec City
1999 41st Grammy Awards, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill and Eric Clapton win major awards
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