HEALTH: Do you eat burnt food? See what it does to the body

Burnt Jollof Rice

TVC E – Burnt food is actually very bad for you.

From investigations, chemical acrylamide — which forms from fried or baked foods, especially when those foods are burnt increases the risk of cancer in women.

Burnt food has less nutritional value, less calorific value and more more carcinogens.

Nobody likes that burnt food smell, it’s unhealthy too – inhaling burnt food odors is like mainlining carcinogens via your lungs into your blood supply.

BURNT FOODBurnt/charred material on the outside of food is a chemically complex of compounds made in the process of “burning” something. Because of the nature of the process of cooking-where high energy and local dehydration occur, some compounds that form will be carcinogens. Carcinogens are chemicals that when eaten do some damage to DNA in the cells of your body.

Depending on the food and how burnt the food is, amount of carcinogen will vary.

Whether cancer results is probabilistic and depends on carcinogen load. Hypothetically eating more burnt food will increase your risk, but the amount by which your risk increases is much less well characterized than say exposure to X-rays or nuclear radiation.

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