Business woman shares nude photo with infant son in solidarity with breastfeeding mothers

Businesswoman, Julia Prudko, a former journalist who runs a PR agency in the Russian capital city of Moscow has caused a stir online with her breastfeeding photo. She posed completely nude with her son in order to express solidarity with breastfeeding mothers.

The photo which she uploaded to Instagram has gone viral. Breastfeeding in public is a controversial issue in Russia with traditionalists calling for more discretion while many modern mothers argue that it is completely natural.
Julia says she always breastfed her son, Fedor, in public settings from business meetings to concerts, and that nobody ever complained.
Julia said: ‘Once I realised I was pregnant, I joined courses for mothers-to-be. As well as getting information about how my life would never be the same, I learned tons of things about breastfeeding.’
The picture has received support and criticism in equal measure but Julia says she does not care about the negative comments.
She explained: ‘I figured there is no point in trying to convince the haters.
‘I’m happy to join the army of militant supporters. I absolutely do believe it is very very important to explain to the public that you need to feed your baby, when and where he wants to be fed.

‘You don’t have to turn into a recluse, not leaving the house. You can and should live a full life and share this colourful life with your child.’

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