I’m not an imbecile – Spiff

Nigerian television and film actor, model and events compere, Sam Ajibola, popularly referred to as Spiff of The Johnson sitcom, has dispelled the rumour describing him as an imbecile.

Ajibola who plays the role of an imbecile in the sitcom disclosed to newsmen that he plays the part so well that some people actually believe that he is a retard.

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“Well, that is why I am talking for people to know that my character is different from who I am in real life. I am definitely not an imbecile in real life, I am actually a brilliant person because it takes a whole lot of brilliance to clone such a character that will be so stupid and make people laugh. I meet people that I don’t really say things to and they are already laughing. With my conversation with you, you will see that I am okay and I am a very brilliant person,” he said.

He further said that his role in ‘The Johnson’ has affected his life positively. Ajibola said that it gladdens his heart when he meets people and they tell him that he makes them laugh daily.

Ajibola said, “It has affected my life very positively. I would like to tell you that because the country is going through some really difficult times, Nigerians should be relieved of their stress. I meet people on a daily basis and they say I am the reason they watch movies. They say any time they go through the day’s stress and struggle, they just want to sit down and when they watch me, they relax, laugh and it takes away the stress of a whole day. I feel some sort of happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment that on a daily basis, I make people happy.”

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