CCB/CCT Amendment Bill: ‘This is a legislative comedy’ – Lawyer

abbasTVC E. Lagos Lawyer Ahmed Abbas has reacted angrily to the concurrence of the Senate with the House of Representatives to take the powers over the CCB away from the President to the lawmakers as be believes, it is a legislative comedy. He said, ”calling an ex-officer to explain when their is a problem is the right thing to do”.

Abbas who was a guest on TVC Breakfast show today (31st of October 2016) also said, ”when there is an allegation there must be an explanation”.

Yesterday, the Trade Union Congress (TUC), the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) and Jigawa North Senator Abdullahi Abubakar joined the fray.

The TUC accused the lawmakers of making frantic efforts to sabotage the ongoing fight against corruption by attempting to take over the controlling power of the CCB and the CCT from the President.

In a statement, the Congress said lawmakers had consistently shown Nigerians that they were not ready to perform the function for which they were elected.

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