New comic book details Donald Trump’s race to the White House

Donald Trump’s bid for the White House has been chronicled in the new comic book, “Donald Trump: The Road to the White House.”

The 25-page glossy, created by Storm Entertainment, highlights the start of the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign, in the point of view of an undecided voter in a red state.

Writer Michael Frizell, said he took extra care when researching Trump for the story. Adding: “Much has been written about Trump’s run already. My task as the writer of creative nonfiction comic books is to present my subject in an entertaining manner while attending to the spirit of the truth of a moment I couldn’t have witnessed.”

In a statement the publisher said: “It is my hope that readers come away with a sense of the richness of the lives of our subjects. I was once a reluctant reader, and I found early-on that comic books engaged me in ways other mediums didn’t.”

The issue, which is part of the companies “Political Power: series, will be released on November 2.


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