‘My skin colour had denied me roles before’ – Mercy Johnson

TVC E. Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has revealed how her skin complexion had denied her of some roles in the industry. Even though is now recognized as a superstar actress, when she started, she faced some serious challenges. She revealed this in a recent interview with the Punch that when she joined Nollywood, directors and movie producers would refuse to cast dark skinned and talented actors in favor of their fair skinned colleagues.

“It is very true that when I was starting out in the movie industry, it was difficult to get roles because of my complexion.

I faced that a lot and I tell people that my success is just grace,” she said.Going further, she also said that most of her colleagues who suffered as a result of this ‘discrimination’ made it.

“Somebody once told me that I am too dark but that is where the grace and favor of God comes in. Regardless of everything, most of the dark-skinned actresses that are my contemporaries made it.”

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