Taylor Swift queues up to vote as she joins other stars casting their ballots on election day

Being a superstar doesn’t let you jump to the front of the queue on election day.

Taylor Swift rocked up to her polling station to cast her ballot and had to wait in line before she could perform her civic duty and urge others to do the same.

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Amy Schumer also had to wait in a queue, captioning this shot: “Good times and long lines! Don’t be discouraged by the wait. The lines move faster than you think.”

Jennifer Hudson shared a moving throwback photo of her with her late mother and the caption: “The last thing my mother did was go vote for Obama ! So it’s odd that I would run across this picture on Election Day , the day after her birthday n she’s wearing a shirt saying “vote your choice ” IM WITH HER … well mommy I already did , Pls vote today guys !!!”

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