Models with Down Syndrome team up with celebrities for annual fashion show

Jamie Foxx, Hilary Swank, Queen Latifah and other celebrities shared the catwalk with models with Down Syndrome in Denver, Colorado on Saturday (November 12) for the annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show.

The annual event hosted by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation raised $2.1 million (USD) for research, awareness and medical care for those living with Down syndrome.

Foxx’s sister, Deondra Dixon who has Down syndrome, served as an ambassador and model for the night.

“Raise more money, raise awareness so we can attack this situation and bring eyes to it and find what we need to do to make it as pleasant and as cool and as great as it can be,” said Foxx.

On the red carpet, entertainer Queen Latifah was excited about her catwalk appearance.

“I’m looking forward to the fashion show, it’s all about the fashion show for me. 25 models coming down the runway and I get to hang with at least one of them. This is going to be fun, this is going to be fun. I’m looking forward to that.”

Also joining in on the fun was NFL star Peyton Manning, actors John McGinley and Matt Dillon, while television personality Mario Lopez served as host.

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