Italian town offers Robert De Niro asylum following Trump win

Prior to the US presidential elections, Robert De Niro said he’d leave the US if Trump won the elections. Well, Trump did win and now a small Italian town has come to the rescue of the Hollywood veteran.
Robert De Niro’s great-grandparents are from Ferazzano in Southern Italy and the town has offered him asylum should he choose to make good on his pledge. The city’s mayor Antonio Cerio said:

‘If after the disappointment of Trump, he wants to take refuge here, we are ready to welcome him.”Naturally it would be an honour and give us great pleasure,’ Cerio said, delighted at the publicity for the town of 3,000 residents. De Niro hasn’t minced his words in his criticism of Trump, describing him as ‘a punk’, ‘a pig’ and ‘an idiot’.’I’d like to punch him in he face,’ he said before the election.


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