Future Leaders : Panelists task youths to study hard

To attain leadership positions and be able to get things right in Nigeria, youths have to be intellectually prepared to get their education right.That was the submission of panelists at the first anniversary lecture of a private radio station in Osun state as one of the activities for the celebration of one year of its establishment.

Tagged ” Deepening Democratic Culture through greater youth participation” the panelists agree that the youth of today must study, acquire knowledge and require skills before seeking to take over the mantle of leadership.

Though they belief that Nigerian youths must be adequately involved in decision making, they are quick to note that the leaders who have gathered experience over the year will not be content to give opportunity to unprepared youths.

The panelists agree that if the energy of prepared youth can be harnessed, they can play critical roles in economic development.

On strengthening the democratic culture of the people, the panelists opine that Nigeria democracy requires thoughtful, inclusive and all round participation irrespective of political ideology or lining.

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