Crisis Looms In Edo Central over allege imbalance in political office sharing

TVC E. Palpable fear of break down in law and order looms in Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo State between among inhabitants of the four autonomous Kingdoms that made up the locality over alleged imbalance in the distribution of political appointments.

The aggrieve leaders of Ewu, Opoji and Ugbegun Kingdom in a statement made available to  newsmen in Ugbegun on Wednesday want the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki to wade into the injustice meted against them by political leaders in Irrua.

The statement which was signed by Prince Tom Anuge, Mr Mathew Emiohe and Hon Aigbiremolen, among others argued that the 3 marginalized Kingdom have over the years voted massively for the victory of the APC, yet they are forgotten when it come to benefiting from the dividents of democracy.

Portion of the statement reads; “ We of these three Kingdom seriously demand a change of attitude from the majority group by allowing equitable distribution of infrastructures, political appointment, elective offices that are usually allocated to the local government area, subsequently as this will enhance development and peaceful co-existence among the component Kingdom that make up Esan Central.

“We like to place it on record that our Kingdom of Ewu, Opoji and Ugbegun voted massively for APC in all election that has been conducted in Edo State.

“Throughout the years, we have watched patiently and painfully from the political wilderness that we seemed to have been how Irrua Kingdom continues to snatch in the most unjust manner most of the political position of significance in our local government especially important position of council chairmanship. From 1999 till date, the chairman of the Council, all executive directors, special assistance, board chairman allocated to the LG are all centered in Irrrua Kingdom”

“It is our humble hope to pursue political and peaceful avenue for protest that is available to us until this great marginalization, injustice melted on us by the Irrua people is fully addressed. We shall agitate constructively, protest peacefully in order to avoid the real possibility of a breakdown of law and order if this trend remain unattended to”.


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