Iconic designer Tom Ford insists he won’t dress Melania Trump

International fashion designer, Tom Ford was quizzed by the host of ABC talk sow ‘The View’, on whether he’ll like to dress Melania Trump and his reply was unequivocally negative.

‘We’ve got a new first lady, Melania Trump, and she’s quite beautiful, and she’s thin, she’s gonna look great in [your] clothes, no?’ host Joy Behar asked Ford at the top of the interview.

A hesitant looking Ford paused for a moment before responding to the question, saying:

‘I don’t know. I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and I declined.’

He then explained his reason for passing on the offer by stating:

‘Well, she’s not necessarily my image.’

He revealed that he would also not be dressing Melania while she was in the White House, saying his clothes are ‘too expensive’ for a first lady to wear because they have to ‘relate to everybody.’

Despite his stance, the designer dressed Michelle Obama in a custom-made ivory evening gown back in 2011 for a dinner with the royal family at Buckingham Palace. The price of the one-of-a-kind dress was not stated but Ford’s gowns tend to start around $5,000.

‘Michelle I dressed once when she was going to Buckingham Palace for dinner with the Queen. I thought that was appropriate and I was honored.’, ‘ said Ford when asked to comment on some of Michelle’s more expensive looks.

When prodded a bit more about whether Melania should really stop wearing expensive clothes once her husband takes office, Ford simply said:

‘I’ll leave that to Melania.’

He also made a point of noting that he would not dress Hillary Clinton if she was in the White House.

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