Nigerian drug baron gets 27 years in Cambodia


A Nigerian drug lord, Precious Chineme Nwoko, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison by a Cambodian court for allegedly luring the country’s women to become his couriers.

According to Daily Mail, Nwoko who is also known as Precious Max, a handsome and bodybuilding buff, used his physique and good looks to lure the women into a relationship with him only to use them as his mules in the drug trade.

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It was gathered that Nwoko used an online dating scam to trick the women into smuggling heroin for an international drug cartel that he belongs to and had been involved in the illicit trade for years before he met his Waterloo.

Revealing details of the how he was caught, Daily Mail narrated that the Nigerian drug baron who is part of an active elaborate international drug smuggling syndicate lured the women into unwittingly moving drugs for him.

His nemesis came when he met an Australian woman online in 2015 and invited her to Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital to meet Nwoko who pretended to be a South African businessman in the import and export trades.


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