I am not scared of getting married – Chinenye Uyanna

Alluring Nollywood actress, Chinenye Uyanna, has described marriage as an institution that needs to be properly understood before taking a headlong dive into it.

Uyanna, who also agrees with her industry colleague, Anita Joseph, that the high rate of divorce prevalent in the society is scaring young singles from taking a dive at the marriage institution due to fear of marital crisis and an eventual crash, believes that a lot of people are completely oblivious of what marriage entails.

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According to her, parental pressure, peer influence or public opinion should not be a factor when taking the ultimate decision to get married.

In a chat with newsmen, the sensational actress who loves to keep her dating life a private affair takes on the misunderstanding people have about marriage. “Yes, the rate of divorce is becoming rampant. If you ask me, I would say that people do not know the meaning of marriage. Some get married today because parents are putting pressure on them, some because their friends are married and others because of what people will say. So when you rush into things you will still rush out of it”, she mused.

She however, concluded that the so-called alarming rate of divorce in the country does not scare her from tying the nuptial knots when she finds her heartthrob. “Due to this fact of divorce, some people are scared of getting married but I’m not. When you find the right person everything will work out. If I see the right person I will”, she said emphatically.

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