I cry like everyone else, says Comedienne Helen Paul

Going by the nature of what comedians do, ‘putting smiles on the face of people’, it’s almost easy to assume that they hardly have reasons to cry but it’s also comforting to now that they do.

One of the leading stand-up act, Helen Paul has not only admitted that she cries but has listed out some of the major reasons why.

Helen dosclosed this during an interview with newsmen over the weekend, adding that she gets depressed once in a while.

Image result for Helen Paul“When my baby is not feeling fine, I cry. Sometimes when I miss someone who is no longer my friend, I feel down but I have realised that you cannot have one friend forever. When people misunderstand me, I feel bad but I have learnt to play with myself. Fame has made me lose a lot of friends especially those that want you to anchor weddings for free. Once you decline their request, they stop talking to you and even when I beg them, they don’t answer me,” she said.

Speaking about her job, the multi-talented comedienne revealed that her husband is her biggest critic and ensures that she remains the best at what she does.

“My husband is the best critic ever, he is my biggest critic. Whenever we go for a show together, sometimes he tells me that I was not funny and he would mention the names of people he felt performed better than I did. He would tell me that Basket Mouth was the best performer. Sometimes instead of making video of me while performing, he would film Basketmouth’s performance or Funke Akindele. We are truthful to each other and we do not pretend.

“There was a time he got me one terabyte of performances of different women like Queen Latifah, Whoopi Goldberg, Funke Akindele, Toyin Aihmakhu. He would tell me to understudy them because they are powerful; he would be quick to add that I am also powerful but that there are places I would need to work on. My husband is the best critic ever,” Helen Paul said,

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