Beyoncé Is Being Sued Over “Drunk In Love” Music Video

Even Beyoncé, goddess from on high, can get sued. As Billboard reports, Dwayne Walker is suing the musician for her music video “Drunk in Love.” The video briefly features the logo for Roc-A-Fella, Jay Z’s record company, and Walker has routinely asserted over the years that this logo is his intellectual property. He claims to have designed it in 1995 and signed a contract with the record company.


There’s a history here. Walker, who is a clothing designer, first filed a suit in 2012 about the logo. That time, it was against Jay Z himself, as well as Roc-A-Fella and the other owners of the record label. The case was dismissed in September of 2016.

This recent lawsuit, which is specifically aimed at Beyoncé, not Jay Z, is for Walker another path up the mountain.Walker tried to sue Jay Z and failed. Now he’s got his finger pointed at the missus — but the odds are certainly not in his favour.

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