Skales buys his Mother a beautiful House this Christmas

Baseline artist Skales has bought a house for his mother and took to Instagram to tell his fans how he set a goal for himself to buy her a house and how excited and accomplished he feels for achieving his goal. He goes further to tell his fans that they can do anything they want to do in this life if they just pray, work hard and stay focused.

It has been a controversial year for Skales as earlier in the year he was involved in a very messy police case alongside his manager Osagie Osarenkhoe where they were alleged of defrauding their record label Baseline records and diverting funds meant for the record label into their personal pockets. The case has since been resolved and Skales has returned to Baseline records.

We are glad he has put all that behind him and is staying focused and achieving his goals. We are sure his mother is overjoyed and super proud of him.

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