Anti-Biafra article: Fani Kayode apologizes to Kate Henshaw

TVC E. Following the rift between Kate Henshaw and Fani Kayode on her link to anti-Biafra article, Kayode reacts by apologizing for his gaffe and noted that he will make the proper amendments to his error.

Also writing on Twitter, he said, “My attention has been drawn to the fact that it was not Kate Henshaw but rather Ken Henshaw that made the comments about Biafra.


“What was all over Facebook yesterday was Kate Henshaw Nutall hence the error. I made the point in the essay that since she had not denied it was her I assumed that she wrote it. I regret the error.” 








The Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw reply b saying: ” I accept your apology. Thank you for doing the right thing. It takes a real man to say I apologise for my error. I apologise too for my harsh words. Thanks for the call God bless.”









Here is the original write up!

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