Falz attacked for speaking against Yahoo Boys

Falz the Bad Guy has stirred some controversy after his advice to fellow singers, to stop praising Yahoo Boys, a parlance for internet fraudsters.

Falz spoke in an interview, that hailing the Yahoo Boys amounts to glorification of what is wrong in society and urged artists to desist from doing so for the sake of the future.

In his interview, Falz made mention of no one, but he was soon pitted against 9Ice, an older musician, with commentators divided on the merit of his advice.

Here are some of the comments that summarised the controversy:

Falz wants to talk about morality and decency in art, but Davido insulted his elder, Dele Momodu, right on his own song.

………By every standard Falz has not made a quarter of the impact 9ice has made in the music industry. What now

……Falz spoke about musicians praising criminals & fraudsters. How is that wrong? Surely you cant compare fraud & disrespectful conduct?

……I cannot believe that Falz is getting dragged for saying people should stop hailing fraudsters. Is everything okay in Nigeria?
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