‘My would be in-laws rejected me because I am an actor’ – Funky Mallam


Nollywood actor, Saheed Muhammed better known as Funky Mallam, who was a guest on TVC YourView show on Friday disclosed how his mother in-law to be rejected him because he is an actor. On the topic (It is not necessary to announce your benevolence services) of the day’s show, the actor said, ”it depends on individual and what exactly what they want to achieve by their actions.”

The actor continued the interview segment saying, ”I don’t mean to be proud but I have been lucky with getting jobs. I don’t go for auditions, the job comes to me. But the sad part is that, most movie producers are fund of stereotyping me and I am not happy about it. I started as a journalist when I came to Lagos.

When asked about his marriage he said, ”I was once married but now I moved on and gave chance to love again.” The actor who went emotional on air said, I feel in love with another lady that lives in Kano after my first marriage crashed but her mother rejected me because I am an actor.’

Funky Mallam concluded his interview segment saying, ”I am going to start producing my own movie and will record my own inspirational song ‘song of peace, my fans should please stay tune’.

Today segment of TVC Yourview show analysed where Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic took to her Instagram addressing celebrities who seemed more concerned about winning people’s approval and praise for their kind gestures to the less privileged than lending a helping hand without ulterior motives.


According to her it is more dignifying to be silent when helping the needy. ”HELP SOMEBODY WITHOUT TELLING EVERYBODY’

What are your thoughts on her statement?



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