My mind is like any typical young girl – 18 years old PHD student

Nkechinyere Chidi-Ogbolu is the author of the book ‘Tales of an Uber Minor’who registered as an undergraduate at Howard University at the age of 14.

Nkechinyere who is set to undergo a PHD degree in Biomedical Engineering at the age of 18, was a guest on TVC Entertainment’s breakfast show. #WakeUpNigeria.

Speaking on how she attained so much at a tender age, she said;

“I think i’m normal. I think my mind is actually not that different from a typical young person. I think I was very fortunate in the oppourtunities that I was able to look for. I looked for things that would get me to where I am because I knew what I wanted. I can’t really say there’s anything particularly different about me from other people. I just feel i had the information and that’s what i’m trying to give to other people.I feel that if we are armed the the right information, we would be able to do greater things.”

When asked how people react to her age and her achievement, she said;

“I get shock and then… amazement, and then…. Oh my God! You’re a genius! People tend to celebrate with me. I believe if everybody has the right information, they would do better than I have done.”

Nkechinyere added that she decided to do her PHD in ‘Biomedical Engineering’ (Research focus in regenerated medicine to promote the body cells to heal itself.). Nkechinyere revealed she’s interested in mentoring younger ones.

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