Dufil Prima Foods announces 10th edition of IIDA

Dufil Prima Foods has announced the 10th year anniversary which is geared towards the recognition of children with exceptional heroic performance in our society. This was made known by representatives of the Dufil Prima Foods Plc on TVC’s Entertainment Show, #WakeUpNigeira.

The 2017 edition will mark the 10th edition of the award, and to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the award, 10 heroic children will be awarded. The lucky winners for this year’s edition are expected to win the sum of N1,000,000 worth of scholarship each.

The event which is tied to Nigeria’s Independence Day in October, is in search of Nigeria’s young heroes.

“We are not just here to make money, we are in the business of giving back to the society and that’s why we have created this platform to identify, recognize and encourage children who have exhibited acts of bravery.” Mr. Tope Asiwaju said.

He also added;

“We have employed about 10,000 persons directly & about 30,000 to 50,000 persons indirectly, we have been able to plough back into the society.”

Children Eligible for the Award

1. Children must fall within the age bracket of 15 years and below.

2. The award is for children who have performed selfless acts of bravery and are not celebrated.

3. It recognises chidren who despite limitation have performed far beyond the ordinary and pushed the limits of courage and performance to a new level.

Speaking on the aim of the award, Mr. Tola Bademosi said;

“A lot of kids have displayed heroism and they are not being celebrated neither are they recorgnised. Our aim is to seek them out where ever they are and celebrate them in the face of the high and mighty.”

Award Categories

  1. Physical Bravery:  The award category acknowledge kids (15 years below) who at great personal risk, save lives or by their actions, prevent extensive damage to property or others.
  2. Social Bravery:  This award category celebrates kids who work against social evils such as child marriage, illiteracy and environmental concern etc. in a sustained manner.
  3. Intellectual Bravery: this award category recognizes children who have performed remarkably despite physical, mental, emotional or financial limitations.








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