I had 7 surgeries before giving birth to my only son – Dr. Oluwatoyin Bode-Abass

Dr. Oluwatoyin Bode-Abass who is married to a doctor explained how she went through seven surgical procedures before she was able to give birth to her only son.

Speaking on #WakeUpNigeria, Oluwatoyin who got married to her college sweetheart, ‘Bode barely three months after a major gynecological surgery, explained that after much trial, she finally gave birth after the second IVF, as the first one was problematic.

She didn’t dispute the fact that after the first surgery before getting married, she and her doctor-husband knew that they had slim chances of giving birth.

She said;

“The problem started just before getting married, I had my first gynecological surgery. Getting married, I didn’t think it was going to be a problem giving birth to children. But somewhere in the back of our minds, after the first surgery, I and my husband knew there was a chance of delay giving birth.”

Speaking further, she said she suddenly had the urge to write about her life in which she wrote 21 pages on her first sitting in 3 hours. She titled her book “Range” which is also the name of her foundation.

“I didn’t set out to write a book but I journal a lot. One morning I was doing chores, and then I had that strong impression in my spirit to write my story. At first I dismissed the thought but it came stronger, so I took my IPAD and I turned out 21 pages on my sitting in about 3 hours.”

Speaking about her foundation, She revealed that the foundation “Range” is out to dispel the stigma that surrounds infertility and help infertile families.

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