I will start officiating marriages and alcohol is a ‘MUST’ – Daddy Freeze

Cool Fm’s OAP Daddy Freeze after responding to RCCG’s ban on wearing of Aso Ebi (Read here) has come out to say he will start officiating marriages.

Daddy Freeze who seems to be more interested in marital issues of late, reacted to Oprah Winfrey’s interview with vogue magazine where Oprah revealed she will never tie the knot with her long time partner, Stedman Graham. She explained that she would not be able to fit into his interpretation of what it means to be a husband and wife.

In reaction, Daddy Freeze said; “If we don’t want this kind of Oprah’s relationship to look enticing to your children, the time to take the stand is now!

From this day onward, I will begin officiating ‘marriages in Christ’ for citizens of the #FreeNation and anyone else who wishes to be married in Christ, without the bondage of the legal system or the burden of tradition and religion.

Kindly contact me by DM if you are interested!

1: Two consenting Adults.
2: Prayer: I will pray over the couple and invite Christ into the union.
3: A party will follow because our Lord and savior attended a wedding ‘party’. The magnitude of the party depends on the budget of the couple but must have a minimum of 10 people who MUST be well catered for!
4: Alcoholic wine. This is a ‘MUST’ an important symbol of his blood and his covenant with us, and because there was wine before he came to the party and he brewed more when it finished.


It might take a while for people to catch on, but trust me, very soon, they will all realize that being ‘married in Christ’ is all we really need and religion and traditions are just tools for mind conditioning! ~FRZ”

  • February 8, 2019


  • August 29, 2017


    “The richest assets in Nigeria are Nigerians
    But the greatest waste resources in Nigeria,
    Are also Nigerians! ”

    I have come to realize that the most treasureable places
    Are often the most miserable and pitiable places…
    Which possess and could provide reliable opportunities,
    Tangible Potentials and formidable fortunes for its inhabitants…
    Yet these treasure lands remain unexplorable and undesirable
    Without a reasonable fact why it remain unexploitable and unprofitable!

    I wonder why we merely survive in a nation such as this,
    When enormous and precious resources
    Are loaded within us and underneath our feet!

    I wonder why we allow our fellow Brethren to die in poverty
    When most of us are blessed and empowered
    To enrich and solve their problems and misfortunes.

    I wonder why we value material things far above our fellow brethren,
    Who are possessors, of treasures that worth far beyond Nations.

    And I wonder if we will ever come to the knowledge, understanding
    And reality of reaping our natural and human resources
    To the extent of enriching and beautifying our lives for better healthy living!

    These circumstances grieve my heart…
    It grieves my heart to see how treasures with great measures
    Are being suffocated, assaulted and brutally sacrificed
    On the altar of greediness, wickedness and foolishness!
    Within and outside our dear nation!

    Indeed, it is sickening and disheartening to see
    How multi-trillion Dollar treasures are left untapped and wasted.
    And that we forfeit our golden tomorrow for mere pleasures and peasant today
    Which lives and dies and fades with the day!

    It is even more pathetic and heart-breaking
    When Mr. Death easily snatches these potential treasures
    And wrapped them in the belly of his friend – the grave,
    Thereby bringing a total closure of the treasure’s benefits and Profiting,
    While we just watch and do nothing!

    This sound like a nation being stripped and robbed of her glorious dignity!
    This sound like a nation’s boom heading for a doom!
    And these sounds like a nation with much food
    Yet her citizens are dying of starvation and destitution!

    This is a taboo!
    This is unacceptable and intolerable!

    How come we desert our fellow brethren when they are in trouble?
    How come we have the mind to debase fellow Nigerians to piece of rags?
    How come we invest so much in all kinds of projects
    And refuse to invest in the real project called ‘Nigerians’?
    What a shame we had bought for ourselves?
    For if we don’t respect ourselves,
    How do we expect others to respect us!

    The truth is, if we don’t Treasure ourselves, no one will treasure us!
    And we seem to forget who we are and what we worth!
    This is why we have become valueless….

    We must all come to this understanding that God has given us Raw treasures
    And it is our natural duty to cook them deliciously and sumptuously
    So that we could be well fed
    So that our people could live well
    And be thankful of the Nation
    Given to them by the Creator!

    Be that as it may, the onus rest on every Nigerian
    To make this our great nation to be fully developed
    And the treasures to make Nigeria healthier, wealthier and better
    Lies within each and every Nigerian!
    For what we are looking for in Sokoto
    Are already loaded in our Shokoto!

    May the Almighty grant every Nigerian the enablement
    To value fellow Nigerians within and outside Nigeria!

    Long live Nigerians!
    And long live our Motherland.

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