Teach your children to love and they’ll extend it when they grow up – Nneoma Effanga

On #YourViewTVC, the hot and interesting topic centered around parents paying more attention to female children than the males.

Nneoma Effanga, who was a special host on the show, was typical about the fact that females are more domesticated than the male children.

” it is important that you take the boy through everything”

She also points out that the role of both parents are salient and not just one of the parent as most families leave the upbringing to mothers alone.
She said;

“Parents must be able to instill the right kind of values in children either male or female. If you teach your child how to love, they would grow up and extend that love to others.”

She went on to personalize the point by saying;

“My children know that whatever I am not an example of, then it is not for me”

She also agreed to the idea that the heart of children are directly programmed by their parents.

“Whatever meaning you give a thing , that is the meaning it assumes… There is a part of responsibility and a part of being yourself”.

She concluded by saying that as couples or in a relationship, there should be understanding between the parties in order for a good family to be built.

“The person you are with should understand you “.

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