Couple torture and chain 11 year old in toilet

A couple identifies as Chioma and Innocent Anozie have been arrested by the Ogun State police.

The couple allegedly flogged the victim with ropes, starved her of food, and locked her up in a toilet for two days for wanting to play with other children in the neighbourhood.

It was gathered that the primary four pupil started living with the couple about four years after taken from her hometown in Owerri, Imo State.

Most residents said Chioma, in particular, always tortured the victim for every offence. The landlady of their house, Mrs. Florence Sanusi, noted that cries of the victim always filled the compound each time Chioma assaulted her.

When interrogated, Oluchi said: “When I was brought from the village four years ago, she said I would be cleaning the house and washing clothes and dishes. I am supposed to be in Junior Secondary School 2, but she put me in primary 4.

She stopped me from going out. She said all the people in this house are criminals and they can use me for money ritual. She always beats me with ropes and cables. I have been inside the toilet since Thursday.

She locked me up because I went to take a story book in her room. She said I was lying and that I actually went to look for keys to open the door and go out. She used celotape to seal my mouth and chained my legs.

She flogged me with ropes and a stick. She said I would serve 21 punishments. I only took garri on Thursday morning.”

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Oyeyemi, confirmed the arrest of the suspects

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