The President looks healthy, but can he manage the crisis in Nigeria? – Tope Odigie

After 3 months of health care in London, President Buhari returned to Nigeria and addressed the Nation on the 21st of August, 2017.

Analysing the President’s speech, The ladies of #YourViewTVC shared divergent views on what was expected from the president.

Tope Mark Odigie speaking on the president’s appearance said; “I think the president looks healthy but my concern is, can he take care of the crisis going on in Nigeria right now?”

In a different perspective, Uwa Saleh stated that she expected the president to address the health sector which has failed in Nigeria and how it can be improved on.

She said; “I was expecting that the president would address the health sector/situation in Nigeria and how we will improve it.”

Butressing Uwa’s point, Jumoke added “We own the president. I expected him to have told us his health condition and what was the issue. We are paying the bills so he should have come out to give in detail what was wrong and the status of his health.”

Speaking further Tope and Jumoke codemned the public holiday declared by the Kogi State governor.

“Kogi State governor declaring Monday public holiday is trying to pledge loyalty which is uncalled for.” Tope said

“Has governance now become a joke? Kogi State governor owes 15 months salary but takes the whole Monday for thanksgiving”. Jumoke added

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