I help actors connect with roles – Ronya Man

Voice trainer, acting coach and director, Ronya Man who has been in Nigeria for nearly two years was a guest on #WakeUpNigeria.

She explained when asked that she is out to empower and bring out the best in actors. One of the ways she does this is by going to auditions as a cast director and to assist the other directors so as to help the actors do well in the auditions.

“I see a lot of young actors looking so lost in auditions. My workshops enlighten them on what is expected of them.”

When asked by Yomi what exactly she does to actors before they go on set, she said;

“I remember a particular scene, It was a romantic scene and both actors where not connecting. The chemistry was not there, so what I did was to give them sensual images to connect to and that’s how I helped the situation.”

She also stressed that she would love to inspire the school girls into the industry and would later this year start a film club.

The creative arts specialist who has been enjoying Nigeria and going to different places in Lagos said she has been enjoying herself and loves freedom park which is her favorite spot.


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