Modern day slavery is when you cage your house help – Tope Odigie

In reference to the International Day for Slave Trade and its abolition, ladies of #YourViewTVC had an extensive discussion on ” Modern Day Slavery”.

Ladies emphasized on how several Nigerians are enslaving fellow human right from bosses to workers, parents to children, husband to wife and vice versa. However, Tope Mark Odigie, one of the hosts, focused more on child slavery.

” The problem is the selfishness at the heart of all these people in a move to make money not minding how or what happens”.

she went on to cite an example of someone who reacted to her allowing her house help go home every two weeks,

” Your house help isn’t your slave and should not be treated as one. She has a family like everyone else.”

She continued by saying that the perpetrators of this should put these minors in their shoes before enslaving them.

“When we try to put ourselves in that shoe, we will know what we are doing. Let us stop blaming the government, We are the government. If each of us look out and report to the appropriate authorities, things will be fine.”


Teenagers were advised to get informed, empowered and know their rights so as not to be victims of enslavement.

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