Over 15,000 Nigerian children consume pornography content online – Praise Fowowe

Many parents are unaware of their children’s involvement with the internet and social media.

Family life Therapist, Praise Fowowe was on #wakeUpNigeria to enlighten parent on how to control children’s involvement with the internet.

Praise explained that it is important for parents to get enough knowledge and education on the how to monitor children and get the necessary applications to track what their children do with their phones.

He went on to say that most parents are not interested in their children’s social life and are not conscious of the grand rules that follow every social applaince they use. some of the things he noted were;

1. The age limits of watching a program, using facebook e.t.c. “Do you know that if your child is less than 13 years, he/she shouldn’t be on Facebook?”


2. Timing the children on when to use the internet and when to submit their phones.

He continued;


“it is all about family values, family ideology, how it is instilled in the children and the preparation for the media space.”


“From the research I did, over 15,000 pornography online are made by Nigerians, speaking Nigerian languages and consumed by children from ages 7-16, hence, a reason why parents need to be extra careful.”

The life coach advised that parents should be interested in all their children do, not forgetting the grand rules that should guide the children.

He also added that parents should allow their children tell them all they know and not think they know it all, that way they get how to protect them.

“When you can create that friendship with your child, you’ll be able to have access to them easily.”

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