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  • August 25, 2017

    Another white idiot he is planning to dump as long as he will get his passport, get a house and live in happily with his black wife.How on earth can this white woman and many others fall into such a trap? I am black so no one should think that I am racist against this young man but at the end of the day this white woman who is not attractive at all on the outside might be sick in search of love is being fooled by this young man only for a passport. AT the end of the day if he does not succeed with his singing plan he will be another embarrassment for another country where he will be on benefit.I had many African men talking to me on facebook for months .They spoke about Jesus all the time, good moral respect conversation, but suddenly one day they ask for my phone number which I refuse to give of course .Soon after I refused I was blocked.I deliberately continued chatting to them to see how far they will go. It is much easier to get a man or woman to marry than getting true love. White women especially be careful because you’ll lose the man and your hard earned money. When it’s gone it’s well gone and hurt never go away.

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