Man slumps and dies after Stoke city equalized Arsenal

A Nigerian man identified as Dominic Ejimba slumped and died in Anara, Isiala Mbano local government area of Imo state while watching a football match between Arsenal and Stoke City on Saturday, August 19, 2017.

The man was said to have slumped when Stoke City equalized against Arsenal and died before those at the viewing centre could rush him to the hospital.
The deceased was said to be a die-hard supporter of Arsenal before his death. His team reportedly conceded a goal midway into the second half of the game when the incident happened and he collapsed.

The wife of the deceased, Mrs Ndidi Ejimba, has told her own side of the story stating how devastated she was with the news of his death.

Ejimba who left behind three children was said to have boasted about his team winning to his wife.

“My husband came back to the shop at the end of the first half of the match between Arsenal and Stoke City to urinate. He promised to be back at the end of the match, telling me how his club would win. But about 20 minutes after he left to watch the second half of the match, somebody rushed to the house to inform me that he had slumped at the viewing centre and that he was being rushed to a hospital where he later died.”

His wife revealed that he was hale and hearty before his death. According to her, he was not sick and did not show any sign of being unhealthy. The poor woman talked about the plans they had together as a family before he was taken away by death.

According to her, he died less than one month after they moved into their new house in the village. Mrs Ndidi Ejimba was completely broken as she said the thought of not having her husband who had taken care of them in the past was unthinkable.

She talked about his obsession with the team stating she had warned him over and over. The bereaved woman said her husband was an ardent fan of the club and would do anything for them. She stated that he loved the club to the point that he could close his shop and send off his customers in a bid to watch his club play.

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