Couple who met in NYSC camp celebrate 5th wedding anniversary

Modupe, a female photographer and events planner who met her husband in Bauchi NYSC camp, shares her love story as she marks 5th wedding anniversary with her husband.

Modupe and her husband met in 2009 while they were both at the NYSC orientation camp in Bauchi. They became friends immediately, began dating soon after, and eventually got married. They now have two lovely kids; a boy and a girl and have apparently enjoyed a blissful marriage so far.

Read their story below:

I MET MY HUSBAND 3rd day in the CAMP.
It all started in the #nysc camp (2009/2010 Batch A) Bauchi State.
As usual as you come in 1st, 2nd and even 3rd day are for registrations, getting your kits, being threatened by the soldiers calling you OTONDO, if you’re walking you’re wrong. Double up double up! then end up being friends, meeting old and new friends, morning drilling and all.
Who remember that song:
Them go born mumu them go born mumu if corper marry corper them go born mumu???? And really don’t like to serve in the north cos all life as being in the north so I love to be posted to either Lagos or Port Harcourt.
So the 3rd day was the swearing in and what I did was just to ask for a PEN from this guy to sign my oath of service form and that was all.
He as being my best friend, brother, father, mentor, partner in crime and to crown it up my one and only sweetheart. I love you so dearly if am opportune to come back to this planet earth I will choose you again and again.
What else can I ask for when He as given me the bunch of key to the doors of life, you’re a gift from ABOVE.
Having you is like having the whole world. I bless the day I met you

Happy 5th anniversary to us darling. #camp#corper #nigeriancorpers #nysc


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