#WakeUpNigeria: I’m more fulfilled directing movies than acting – Yemi Shodimu

Yemi Shodimu porpularly known for his role in Tunde Kelani’s 1997 ‘Oleku’, was a guest on #WakeUpNigeria.

The veteran actor in 1976, featured in ‘village head master’ which was his first television appearance. He noted that he had ventured into other things like stage performances before 1976.
Speaking about the film industry, Yemi commented that he is happy about what is going on, and there have been changes between the past and now in research, professionalism,dedication and so on.
“Its a lot of sacrifice. We are where we are, with little help, we can do a  lot more”
About his role as a director and a producer in the industry, he said he has spent more time before the camera than behind.
“Directing and acting are about the same thing but directing is a highly satisfying activity. Behind the camera gives you a  bit more satisfaction, its like giving birth to a baby, the whole process  evolves around you. At the end, you say ‘that is mine’.
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