Parents should be students of their children – Praise Fowowe

Praise Fowowe on #WakeUpNigeria this morning addressed the issue on the importance of understanding children personalities for effective communication.

Speaking with Yomi Owope on the show,he started by emphasizing that children come in different packages, and they showcase different personalities so they should be corrected and treated based on their personalities. He said;

“There is a rule that says: treat people the way they want to be treated and not how you want to be treated “

Speaking about the way parents yell at their children, he attributed it to the third world nations. Saying;

“generally, the third world nations are used to yelling and even yell at God when things go wrong.”

He noted that it isn’t wrong for parents to discipline their children but there are protocols and principles to apply if you want to flog them. He included that discipline is a part of the family system so the parents have to understand the entire spectrum of the family.

Finally he advised parents who feel they have failed their children to follow these process:

“firstly, apologize to the child. Admit that you don’t know and get knowledge. Go on to solicit for your child’s friendship,be his/her student to understand him/her fully. Parenting is actually about discipleship, allowing the children to tell you what they know. Some parents think they know all, but they don’t know as much as their children.”

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