I’ll rather stay single than share my spouse – Jumoke Alawode

It was a little bit hot and feisty as the ladies of your view discussed extensively on the controversial topic “can you share your spouse?”.

This is in response to the Kenyan leader, Joseph Kentucky’s statement that “Women should accommodate their husband’s lovers as co-wives.” It is very selfish and inconsiderate of women not to share their husbands”.

The premise didn’t go down well with Jumoke and Tope as they pointed out reasons why a woman shouldn’t share their spouse.

In Tope’s arguements, she started by saying:

“The excuse that there isn’t enough women is an excuse to make men do what they think is natural to do. It is a wrong excuse. There are many men as women because there are some countries with more men than women. Without a strong family, you will have issues with your children. We are emotional beings, we came together as emotional beings. There should be companionship.”

Butressing on Tope’s point, Jumoke said;

“It cannot be a happy marriage including someone else as a side chick in it. If you believe it will happen, it will and if you don’t, it won’t. I’ll rather stay single than share my spouse. Women naturlly, when we are in love with a man, you dont want to share.

Children in marriage are very important but they are secondary the first thing is companionship. Husband and wife should seal their relationship instead of bringing someone else into it.”

The duo went on to prove that every marriage has its own issues and a third party would add to it.

“anyone who breaches marriage contract, cannot hold on to a business deal because he/she is not trust worthy.” Tope added.

However, Nyma and Wuraola disagreed with Jumoke and Tope. (Read here)

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