#WakeUpNigeria: Prepare ‘Lasagna’ with tomato sauce

Putting creativity to work, Chef Tolu walked us through the process of preparing ‘Lasagna’ which she referred to as “the easiest recipe you can find” on #WakeUpNigeria.

The Italian breakfast was made with the following ingredients:

Minced meat
Tomatoe Sauce
Lasagna Sheet
Sweet corn
Sliced sweet potatoes and
Cheddar cheese

While describing Lasagna sheet, Chef Tolu said it is cooked like spaghetti.

Che Tolu started by making the white sauce. See procedure below:

– put you preferred measurement of flour into a pot on fire
– mix with butter till the butter melts and thickens the flour
– Add your milk and mix till its thick. Remember to stop when its thick.
Chef Tolu likened it to making pap which the mixing must stop when it attains a particular thickness.

Also, making the lasagna ready for the oven, it goes through the following process

– slice the pepper and onions
– Pour in a frying pan to cook
– Season with seasoning cube, tumeric,black pepper and curry.
– Add the tomatoes sauce, minced meat.
– Stir and wait till its done.

When asked if ingredients like minced meat can be shuffled with sausage, Chef Tolu replied by saying

“Kitchen is your playground. Try the original recipe, have fun and later on build up on it”


The semi-final stage which is layering in the baking pan was simple as the already prepared white sauce and fried sauce along side the lasagna sheet, sweet corn and cheese were layered one after the other in two rounds.

After the layering, it was put in the preheated oven for 15 minutes.

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