Women fall in love outside their relationship too – Wuraola Young

Isn’t the rate of polygamy alarming in the world today? Strangely, Kenyan Leader says it is selfish and inconsiderate for woman not to share their husband.

Speaking on #YourViewTVC, Nyma and the guest co-host Wuraola, corroborated the kenyan leaders statement.

Nyma said;

“I will have peace of mind if I knows my spouse is in another relationship. I don’t pray for it but if circumstances put me there, I will not be confused about where he is.

I don’t want to have headache about what he could be up to. What it gives is peace of mind knowing that you could have had a philanderer as a husband. Women are nurturers, men are givers. No matter what, the woman checks back to look after her children but men don’t care.”

Wuraola also said;

“Women fall in love outside their relationship, but it’s more common with men.Your happiness depends on you . It’s a choice you make yourself. What if he doesn’t treat you well without being a polygamist?”

“One is supposed to love his or her spouse along with the flaws and that its a way to avoid divorce.” Nyma added

Wuraola balanced the argument by saying; “Whether married or not, polygamous or not, your happiness depends on you”

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