Culturally, a woman cannot sleep with a man after sleeping with a god – Tope Odigie

The marriage crash of the Ooni of Ife and wife Olori Wuraola was a Hot topic discussion on #YourViewTVC. The ladies weighed in on the issues drawing points from different perspective.Speaking from the perspective of culture, Tope asserted;

“We have watered down tradition. The stool of the ooni of Ife is an integral stool linked to our culture and its vital. Ife is the culture! This Ooni is our culture and when we water down the culture, we lose our heritage. We seem to be confused. We either choose our tradition or the westernized culture to avoid confusion”

Esther sharing her perspective on the issues, said;

“I feel the Olori doesn’t have to answer to anybody. She was accused of infidelity right? She knows herself too well, she wasn’t suppose to explain herself to anyone.”

Buttressing on Tope’s point, Jumoke said;

“If you want to become an Olori, you should go through some psychological training because your husband is no longer your husband. There must be no jealously, no envy, you must be void of emotions.”

Morayo recalling on Jumoke’s theory of not sharing her man, asked why she thinks a fellow woman should be void of emotions.

Jumoke replied; “The responsibilities of an Olori is not for an ordinary woman. If you cannot handle it, don’t go there.”


Bringing a fresh perspective to the discussion, Nneoma who was a guest Co-host highlighted;

“It’s very easy for people to judge, without bringing the human perspective to things. You might prepare well enough before going into marriage but when you get in, you might be shocked what would come your way. The Olori is a human being and she has emotions. No tradition should stop your emotions or feelings.”


“culturally, a woman that has slept with a king or a god cannot sleep with any other man.” Tope remarked.


Jumoke added; “In Christianity, divorce is wrong and if a woman leaves her husband’s home, she’s not suppose to sleep with any other man.”

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