#WakeUpNigeria: ‘Spaghetti and meat balls’

Spaghetti is a popular meal in Nigeria prepared with few ingredients. The cooking process is said to be simple but a garnishing it makes it more interesting.

Chef Miyonse prepared the ‘Spaghetti and meat balls’ for breakfast on #WakeUpNigeria. Below are the steps to follow:



  • cut your onions & garlic together
  • mix the mince meat and eggs, then add bread crumbs
  • Add seasoning (Salt & black pepper)
  • Add sliced onions and garlic
  • Chop your parsley and mix it together.
  • After mixing, mould your meat balls into same sizes and fry with a little oil in the pan.

Note: Keep a eye on your meat balls so it doesn’t get burnt.

Making the tomatoes sauce

mince a bit of onion and garlic, add your tomatoes sauce to it and cooked for about five minutes and add your cooked meat balls.

Cooking your spaghetti, add salt and olive oil to your water to loosen it up and boil. When your spaghetti is done, you can either mix with your sauce or serve separately.

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