ASUU will call off the strike when FG shows commitment – Dr. Olunifesi Suraj

The ongoing ASUU strike has been a burning issue in Nigeria. Speaking on #WakeUpNigeria  this morning, Dr. Olunifesi Suraj revealed the conditions for ASUU strike to be called off.

He started by correcting the notion that the seven point agenda given by ASUU are new. He said:

“We have a government that does not keep to their words. We have been suspending the strike, this seven point agenda are not new, they have been for years since 2009. What we want is for the government to implement it, do their part in financing the schools and give lecturers their legitimate rights”

He passionately explained the educational system is collapsing and producing half baked graduates which funding can correct. He exclaimed that the government could have done something even before recession started but they did not.

“All those years of no recession and financial issues, there was enough money to take care of these things. The educational system is collapsing, we need fund to come back. Graduates who are half baked and cannot meet up standards are being produced.” He said

Speaking with Yomi about the solution, he noted that ASUU just wants to see the commitment of the government and start something.

“The government should at least start something,let’s see the commitment. We are not saying everything should be done now but do something. They don’t want to anything, it is politics as usual.”

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