Snacking can be done at night, depending on what you snacking on – Dr. Billy

Considering the way Nigerians get busy and end up eating heavy food at night, Dr. Billy on #WakeUpNigeria was able to explain the importance of eating something light & healthy at night.

He started by explaining that energy is an important part of life, so when the sun rises, our hormones start using the energy stored from food eaten.

“Energy is the currency of life and existence and we naturally get it through the food we eat. Our bodies are wired naturally to respond to daylight.”

He said about night food that something light of less carbohydrates should be taken because it has high energy load which is rather good for daylight than night time.

Explaining further, he stressed that through the night, we fast for the body to get repaired and less energy is needed. He noted that this is applicable to snacking too.

“Snacking can be done at night but it depends on what you are snacking on. Take low carbohydrates and more protein like veggies, healthy fat like olive oil on salad, cheese, healthy nuts e.t.c unlike the processed fat.”


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