Video: Dental health care with Dr. Amy on #WakeUpNigeria

“You cannot have a complete health without taking care of your mouth” Dr. Amy Traore-Shumbusho, a dentist/orthodontist discussed dental health with Titi on #WakeUpNigeria.

Dr. Amy speaking about the importance of taking care of the teeth, asserted that people pay attention to every other parts of their body except their mouth.

She explain that people don’t know enough about oral health hence they go to the Doctor at the last minutes when there is pain creating more work for the Doctors.

“People make a disconnection between their oral health and their body. You can not have complete health without taking care of the mouth. If you keep your smile and whiten your teeth, you will look 10 years younger.”

“There are no advanced health conditions and facilities in Nigeria like other countries.”

She advised that having good hygiene and brushing the teeth well is good for the care of the teeth. She ended by practically showing how to brush the teeth,the gum and what kind of tooth brush to be used.

Watch video below:


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