If a married man sends me a car, I wouldn’t hesitate to collect – Yeni Kuti

The topic “Why men admire married women?” was an open conversatino on #YourViewTVC this morning. The topic came with diverse reactions from the ladies and Yeni Kuti made quite amazing salient points.

Yeni Kuti feels that there are some women out there wanting to be chased and men making advances at them. But for her, she opens up that if any man makes advances at her, she would not even know except he makes it clear by saying it.

“Where I am now, If a man should toasts me, I won’t know; he would have to confront me and speak his mind.

I am oblivious ; I am convenient with my relationship and I have a good job so I will just be free with everyone not knowing.”

She however spoke about her disapproval of married men or women having extra marital affairs. She said she would not condone it.

While speaking about getting things from a toaster as a married woman or getting from a married man, she added that she does not care and would collect it.

” I don’t want to lie, if you send me a car sef, I will collect. If you ask for my account number, I will give you”

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