‘If no woman open her legs, there will be no infidelity in the world’ – Jumoke Alawode

Speaking extensively on “Why men admire married women?” on #YourViewTVC, Jumoke admonished married women who open their legs carelessly for men.

She started by speaking about how people think married men/women can take better care of them than an hustling guy.

“I know a man who puts on a ring to toast ladies because people believe that when you are married, you are responsible. Married women show green light because they believe that a married man is responsible. The men who toast married women know that you will keep it a secret. You will not be calling him day and night like a single girl would. Whatever happens is hidden because you don’t want to make your husband suspect.”

Jumoke did not leave out expressing her detest for this act and believes that marriage vows should be kept.

“What was your vows when you got married? If you talked to him and he didn’t listen, talked to his mother to speak with him and he did not listen, why not find other solutions instead of showing green light.”

She finally advised that women should rather ‘slay’ for their husbands and not slay outside.

Her final words were;

” If no woman opens her legs, there will be no infidelity in the world.”

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