Why my album listening will be happening in Kirikiri medium prison – Lamboginny

Popular Nigerian artiste Lamboginny who is known for his “Say no to crime initiative” was live on #WakeUpNigeria to talk about the initiative. 

Lamboginny who said he got his name from his late father started his initiative and had his first concert at the prison in 2009, which a lot of celebrity graced.

“My initiative started in 2009 when I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t give account of what I have done with my life. I approached the prison authority, told them I would like to introduce music as a form of therapy and they approved of it.”

He noted that his intention was to just use his music as a therapy for the prison inmates until he began to hear their stories and saw the need to go further.

“When I saw what happened in the life of the inmates through my initiative, my life just turned around. It gave my life meaning.”

Speaking about meeting a young boy at Kirikiri prison who was arrested for street hawking, Lamboginny advised the government to help channel the energy of such offenders into something useful.


“The government should re-channel such offenders’s energy into something useful. The ones I have helped, they are all loyal to me, so If I wanted to turn them around for something negative, I would have done that, but I felt I should step in and do this. I do all these by myself, I go to prisons and attend to these people.”

Speaking about his album which is coming out soon, he said;

“The album listening would be happening in Kirikiri medium prison on approval of the Comptroller general of prison. It’s the first in history and I’ll also be having the first ‘red carpet moment’ in the prison.”

The red carpet moment which he says is aimed at increasing the morale of the inmates, Lamboginny said;

“When the big people walk through the red carpet and get interviewed, I will encourage the inmates to walk on it too. If you can see yourself walk on that red carpet, it means you can still become great.”

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