Video: 12 year old Darci Lynne wins America’s Got Talent 2017

Multi-talented 12 year old Darci Lynne, has emerged the winner of 2017 America’s Got Talent Competition on Wednesday night September 20th,taking home $1million prize.

According to Metro News, The 12-year old will get to star in her own Las Vegas show. Before she was announced the winner, said: ‘It’s just been so much fun and it doesn’t matter who wins now.’

She beat off competition and looked as though she’d secured the win after her stunning final performance.

The first part of the final, which aired in the US on Tuesday night, saw her joined on stage by puppets Oscar and Petunia.

And after launching into a hilarious routine in which Oscar failed to realize he was live onstage, it didn’t take long before Darci Lynne had the pair bickering over who got to sing in a duet.
It led to another cheeky quip at the judges’ expense as she pointed out: ‘Guys…you shouldn’t fight.

‘You need to work together,’ Darci Lynne added. ‘Like some of the famous duos, like Laurel and Hardy, Hall and Oates….’
‘…Simon and Mel B?’ chipped in Petunia – as her owner reluctantly added: ‘Well, at least two out of those three are good examples.’
Cheeky! Suffice to say the puppet pair settled their differences and duetted on a performance of With A Little Help From My Friends – with a little help from Darci Lynne, obviously.

All of which won her a standing ovation as the judges raved about her act – and Simon predicted that she would win.
At the time, he said: ‘The best part of doing this job is when you are there and you can say, “I was there at the beginning of someone’s career and I witnessed a star”.

‘Tonight, again, I’ve just witnessed a star emerge because that’s what you are. You are special, incredible, funny, talented. I think you’re gonna win.’

Mel B – who chose Darci Lynne as her Golden Buzzer act earlier in the series, told her the performance was ‘incredible’, adding: ‘You are just, you’re so poised, and I still don’t know how you do it ‘cause I try and watch for your mouth moving and you are that professional.
‘You’re amazing. Oh my god, I’m running out of breath. You’re amazing, absolutely amazing.’

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  • Kristy
    September 21, 2017

    Wow what an amazing talent and awesome girl you are what the world needs more off god bless you!!

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