Why reward a child for doing his assignment? – Izefua Erhaboh

Izefua Erhaboh, a child therapist conversed with Yomi Owope on #WakeUpNigeria on the topic “Importance of parents’ involvement in their children’s assignment”.

She began the discussion by explaining that parental involvement is not just being there physically, but help the child grow mentally, academically, emotionally and so on.

She also exposed that parents don’t know that the homework are not supposed to be compulsorily perfect.

“The homework is not supposed to be perfect, but parents easily take over doing the assignment to make it perfect. They don’t know that it is a way for the teacher to know if the child gets what was taught in class. This is not saying you should not support them, but let them do it while they ask for your help when they need it. It’s not that you wander off, you have to be present to oversee it”.

Speaking about how o make it easier, she advised that parents should give their children a routine which should be compiled by the parent and children.

“At a certain age, you should not be the one driving your children to do their home work. Give your children a routine of when to do what they need to do. My children and I draw their routine together. To make them good, independent, creative in thinking and lots more, you need to spend time with them to bring out these attributes in them.”

She also disapproved parents motivating children to do their homework with a reward like giving gifts or so. She believes that the motivation to do what you need to do should come from you.

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